De Coubertain:” the Games of 1936 were illuminated by a Hitlerian force and discipline’.

In 1936 the Nazi regime nominated de Coubertin for the Nobel Prize. Understandably with sponsors like these he was not awarded it, the prize instead being awarded to a German journalist, Carl von Ossietsky, a prisoner of conscience held at the time in a concentration camp by the Nazi regime (Hoberman 1986:50). In addition, de Coubertin was also prepared, effectively, to be paid by the Nazi state. For the last few years of his life, until his death in 1937, hewas rescued from penury and financed in his retirement in Switzerland by Nazi
funds channelled through Carl Diem (Lucas 1980:133; IOC 1994).

[Mega-events and the growth of international culture, by Maurice Rouche]